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A Wild Stallion Duck Appears!

Natalie here *waves crazily*. I'm 20 years old, which is hard to believe. I love bands, TV shows, books and computer games. (Yay for pokemon!). I follow back and answer all asks ^.^


In a week, I will be obessivly playing Saints Row 3. I’ve literally been dying for this game ever since I heard about it. I was so obsessed I even deconstucted the game trailer for Media studies.¬†AND my Mum brought me the special edition with cool headphones, a CD and the Genki in-game content. DYING.

I’m just sad I can’t play it on Sunday (my actual birthday). My step-dad actually expects to use his own X-Box. How selfish.

I’ve all ready planned out how I’m going to make the person. Is that sad?

I all ways base his face on The Rev’s (cos I’m obsessed, OKAY?!) and make him really thin, I find it funny when a little weedy person beats the crap out of people. Especially when their three times his size. Then he’ll be covered in tattoos…

I’m going to stop talking now.